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About LifeSense Group


“ Our Success lies not only in the healthcare solutions we provide but in the personal service we command”.


Since inception in 1993, LifeSense Group has set the benchmark for evolving healthcare in Africa, shaping its service offering to continuously suit the rapidly changing healthcare climate and market needs. The Group is a well established Health Industry leader that specializes in up-to-the-minute health
risk management services, across the Continent and beyond Africa’s borders.

With an extensive investment portfolio in key Group Subsidiaries, the LifeSense Group expands on traditional healthcare management to proactive services that include 24 hour HIV/AIDS Disease Management, 24 hour Trauma Assistance, trusted and effective employee wellness programmes as well as the latest advances in information and communication technologies in the healthcare industry.

All of the LifeSense Group Subsidiaries offer a unique personal approach to their clients’ needs that paves the way for steadfast, transparent, long-term relationships.

Each Subsidiary is backed by a 24 hour call care centre that provides professional assistance within the medical and wellness environment, thus giving the LifeSense Group the competitive edge amongst industry health care providers.

LifeSense Group places human capital wellbeing at the core of its mission statement – working together with its clients to improve the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of employees and individuals at large. With an accredited Black Economic Empowered subsidiary – and with an
undisputed track record in superior service delivery and medical technological advancement, the LifeSense Group remains committed to the ever-changing healthcare arena and promises a “no compromise” approach in each
and every risk management solution that is implemented.