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Employee Wellness Programmes have proven essential over time to the longterm productivity and viability of all businesses. Research has also shown that the return on investment on EWP services makes these programmes a benefit – which evidently costs more to avoid, than to provide.

The LifeAssist Programme is an organisational assistance programme (OAP) that sits within the LifeSense Portfolio Group and services the employee wellness needs of South African companies at large.

The LifeAssist Subsidiary was born out of the partnership between LifeSense
and TraumAssist, therefore birthing a reputable provider of Employee Wellbeing Programmes. With more than two decades of in-house expertise in EAP and Wellness, making LifeAssist a unique player in the wellness programme industry.

LifeAssist is a unique player in the wellness programme industry.

Through compassionate, experienced and qualified staff, LifeAssist strives to
create a culture within an organisation that supports health; that is proactive in developing employee avoidance initiatives as well as managing existing conditions, through lifestyle education to both employees and their families. LifeAssist holds a Level 2 BEE Accreditation thereby accredited with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI reference number: BEE6338152) and is a member of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association – South African Chapter (EAPA SA)