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LifeSense Disease Management

South Africa is currently referred to as the “AIDS capital of the world.” The majority of people affected are the economically active population between the ages of 20 and 48. A large proportion of these infected individuals do not belong to medicalschemes and do not have access to life sustaining HIV Therapy.

The impact of an HIV/AIDS infected work-force has been recognised as one of the modern world’s main contributors to decreased productivity in Africa’s economy. This includes:

  • increased absenteeism
  • prejudice amongst staff
  • longer staff turnaround times as staff become disabled or die;
  • increase in company liability as employees without appropriate medical
    scheme require company loans for medical expenses and funeral costs.
  • Major effect on Company pension funds

The best investment an employer can make is to provide managed HIV/AIDS benefits to its members to avoid a decline in productivity and morale, and furthermore, to decrease the impact of this disease on the balance sheet.
LifeSense Disease Management is dedicated to its client offering of a fully integrated disease management programme that is proactive, reliable, educational and most importantly, cost effective. The programme is meticulously designed to ensure the individual living with HIV/AIDS is not only treated effectively but is also dutifully managed to ensure correct usage of medication and adherence to the specific treatment regimen.
LifeSense Disease Management is a proudly independent service provider that also delivers HIV/AIDS Management solutions to open medical schemes in accordance with strict governance practice.