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P3 Protection

The P3 Personal Protection Programme is a subsidiary of the LifeSense Group that is primarily the first tier in the HIV disease management process. When it comes to HIV/AIDS exposure, the critical factor is speed which marks the significant difference between life and death.

P3 provides immediate response to accidental HIV exposure through rape, accident and assault, within 24 hours. P3 protected individuals have immediate access to intense testing and medication that will prevent or at least minimize the risk of an HIV Positive result.

To date, the P3 Personal Protection Programme has delivered a 100% success rate in preventing HIV/AIDS infection.

It is essentially the only proactive and highly effective step against HIV exposure that assists clients in minimizing the risk that HIV presents to its employees.
The programme further extends its rapid response to crime related trauma such as rape, hijacking, armed robbery, murder, mugging, suicide, car accidents, and bereavement and further includes trauma related to natural disasters. P3 provides employees with immediate access to unlimited individual counselling (face to face and telephonic).